So here I go again.  Yep, blogging away, my second time in three years.  The raft, frame and trailer business is going strong.  We have added a new line of custom rafts from Sotar since the last blog (Feb 2016) and it seems to be a popular addition.  This year has once again started strong and looks to be another record year for us although as I write this, there is no fishing to be had anywhere close by.  A banner winter with most of our ranges in the 150-200% of normal snowpack and a long, cold prolonged spring, has us in the middle of the highest floodwaters seen in over 100 years.  The Clark Fork river is pushing 14' above flood stage and although dropping a little today with cold temps overnite,  we still have an unbelievable amount of snow in the mountains which means more high water on the way.   Hopefully, the waters will stabilize some and finish runoff without any more major flooding although it doesnt look that way right now.  Thoughts and prayers go out the those affected by the flooding.  Floating and fishing season will be here before too long and hopefully I will see you out there somewhere on the water.