So here I am sitting at the computer.  Quite possibly one of my least favorite things in the world.  It ranks right up there with teeth cleanings at the dentist and mucking out  my garage.   One of those things that needs to be done but one that I put off as long as possible.  So here we go...

Well, as hard as it is to believe, spring is just around the corner.  A string of 40 plus degree days here in western Montana has the rafting nation itching to get out there and on the river.  The phone has been ringing off the hook and the emails are pouring in.  The orders are starting to stack up and it looks like it will be another crazy year.  A few more short weeks and the Skwallas should be starting to look for a warm rock or tree branch to crawl up on and dry those wings.  Alot of the bucks have shed their horns and those bigger bulls that we all dream of should only have a month left with their current headgear.  Next to fall, this is my favorite time of the year.  And just like fall, there are too many things I want to do and not enough time to do them all.  Steelhead are beckoning from Oregon and Idaho, big brown horns are laying on all the south facing slopes waiting for me to pick them up, trout are starting to wake up and eat for a few hours in the afternoon and oh yes, there are trailers and raft frames that need to be built.  

So, get out there and find a few fish and maybe even a fresh horn (just stay out of my spots) but if you are contemplating a new trailer or frame this year, give me a call and the sooner the better.  Lets get your project started so you can be enjoying it as soon as possible although I would imagine that Mother Nature has a little more winter coming before its all done.  Everybody pray for some good snowpack and I hope to talk to you soon